Compliments give you energy, also at work. It does not matter if you give them or receive them, positivity may and should be shared. The focus will be on your added value. Below you will find several compliments from clients who were so enthusiastic they are now my truest fans.

Bart Pastoor

His enthusiasm and knowledge combined with a sparkling presentation made my head spin. Sjoerd makes the difference in changing mindsets. Sjoerd spoke to our board - confronting and direct, but always with respect. He flipped the switch!

John Sluiman

Business Coach
Sjoerd struck me with his energetic attitude. During his presentation I saw his dedication, willpower and discipline. His ability to associate flashingly quick allow his customers to reap the benefits.

Tom Oude Vrielink

Freelance Designer
With a good and understandable story he is able to quickly convey a lot of valuable information. I've learned a lot in a short time and I can recommend him to anyone.

Richard Bollen

Head HRM
Sjoerd is an ambitious man who has helped our organization through his advice on communication. He only wants the best and combines this with a very modern and direct attitude, one where he does not mince his words.

Sjoerd de Groot

Sjoerd demonstrates a perfect understanding of the subject matter. In addition, his presentation was very clear and he responded well to the questions from the audience.

Raoul Heijsen

Sjoerd knows how to give a great presentation in a professional, inspiring, and sometimes hilarious manner. Entrepreneurs will actively think about how new trends in and outside their organizations can be utilized.


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Dustin Wiktor-Steffens

I got to know Sjoerd at an event in Groningen. He gave an inspiring keynote guiding us through his ideas about attitude, personality, vision, and eventually the realization of one’s life goals. He could not only convey his message in an entertaining fashion on stage but also proved to be exceptionally passionate about people’s untapped potentials during our discussions later that day. His enthusiastic ideas about today’s burning issues and his interactive presentation are surely worth spreading!

Imke Teeuwen

Senior Partner Business Strategy
At a national congres for JCI Sjoerd gave an inspiring workshop called ‘Millennial Entrepreneurship: (re)Shape Your Future’. Sjoerd engaged the audience from start to finish through his personal story, practical exercises, and great interaction with the group. Participants gained insight into themselves and their futures through this workshop - a basis for personal development and success. Sjoerd was able to achieve this in a short amount of time though vulnerability and openness. Even though this workshop was intended for millennials, it’s definitely a workshop I can recommend to every generation, self-knowledge knows no age!

Vincent van Lamoen

Senior Business Controller
I attended a workshop of Sjoerd. He inspired through sharing his (international) experience and his interaction with the group. He delivered a very valuable workshop our participants, one that stuck and inspired. Sjoerd gave a presentation with great dedication, it is highly appreciated and definitely recommended!

Michaela Duia

Marketer of International Affairs & Communications
Sjoerd was a keynote speaker during one of the Marketing events I attended. I found his talk interesting, informative and thoroughly entertaining. The examples and exercises he used were captivating and interactive. I especially liked the part about “value-based lifestyle" and the talk about Millennials. He knows how to engage his audience from the beginning to the ending, where he finished with a clear message and takeaways.

Jan Mechels

I met Sjoerd during a conference on circular economy. Both me and my company were pleasantly surprised by the dynamism that he radiates and conveys. Not a boring story but working together and doing exercises. That is how his keynote was delivered and we really liked it. On top of that, he really knows what he is talking about and comes across as sincere and truthful. We hope to be able to book him soon in Belgium.


I speak both incompany as well as on events. Keep in mind that I can present all talks as a keynote or as a workshop (both in half-day and full-day seminar versions). All talks can be done in English or Dutch. Would you like more information before you hire me as your speaker?