Is your organization ready to be lit on fire, to fly, to kick some ass? I’m pretty sure the answer is YES. This is easier said than done. You can spend endless hours reading autobiographies, blogs, and books on game changing companies and people without really knowing what to do next.


These days everyone is looking for the next fix - the next way to increase their living. Whether it’s through technology, pharmacology, or spirituality. Everyone is looking for an edge.

What if the fix wasn’t quick, but deliberately slow and steady? What if the answer to people seeking more, more, more, isn’t in the first chapter of the book, but spreads itself out like bread crumbs over seven books?

It is good to want to be ambitious, and to want to maximize life. Yet, it is a waste if you break yourself doing it. The need to want to live an unimaginably epic life is accepted these days, so what are you going to do to get there?

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The point is not to accept whatever comes your way, but to be a force that goes another way. You decide where to go and what to become. Even though this sounds amazing, reality is significantly different.

One in five millennials is now suffering a long term burn-out because they thought they could simply have it all. The key to high performance is not just to perform at peak levels, but to consistently perform at your best without running yourself down to the bone.

High performance is about knowing the right habits that work for you in all areas of your life that need improvement - not just work.. Once you know them, it becomes key to implement and execute on these habits on a daily basis.



Performance can, and should, be approached with a more practical than creative point of view. A motivational speaker should go beyond merely inspiring stories, and come with blueprints and roadmaps. We should understand performance as the fire in our bellies that get us going, but without a clear purpose and path there’s literally no point to it.

We will look at performance from six angles: clarity, energy, necessity, productivity, influence, and courage. These are the six most important aspects of building the habits that will help you come to higher levels in life. As important as knowing what to do, is knowing what not to do; this talk will also make sure you don’t fall into the three most obvious traps.

You will get practical blueprints, roadmaps, and tools that will help you find the habits that will help you get to higher levels of performance. Whether you’re looking for a roadmap for yourself, or an entire company - at the end of the day you will be ten steps closer to flourishing, and reigniting the fire that drives high performance.



In a playful and accessible way I engage with the audience to help them make the shift in their mind and give them the tools they need to chase their dreams.

More than just a lecture on performance: When I speak on performance, it’s not just about the theory and the tools. It’s also about having the right atmosphere for learning. I’ll make sure there is a relaxed and fun atmosphere before we dive into the knowledge and practice of chasing dreams.

Opening the mind to performance: Performance starts with realizing that it starts with the little things. For example: Eating healthier is part of taking care of your body, only when your body is in shape are you able to function at peak performance. It’s about seeing the bigger picture, it’s about doing the small things, it’s about building the right habits.

Inspiration and interaction: If you’re looking for a speaker that will dryly run down his slides and only communicate the science, keep looking. I like to engage with the audience and motivate them to immediately apply the knowledge they just learned so they can get ahead and be inspired to get to work (and perform).


I speak both incompany as well as on events. Keep in mind that I can present both as a keynote or as a workshop (both in half-day and full-day seminar versions). All talks can be done in English or Dutch.


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