The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, what worked 10 years ago will not necessarily work anymore today. How do we play the game of life in a world where everything is unsure? How do we find true inspiration when it is advertised on a daily basis?


The world has been slowly evolving from the industrial age, into a knowledge-based economy, into - what is now being called - the experience-based economy. Nothing is cut-and-dry anymore, we are all the main character of our own epic journey, on a path of delight and wonder.

Production does not drive capitalism, experience drives capitalism. Who are at the forefront of creating and distributing these experiences, you ask? Millennials! It’s about time that we no longer look at millennials as those bratty self-indulgent hipsters, but as a generation that will fundamentally change how we will all live our lives.

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The way millennials are approaching experience is from a very WHY-based purpose. It is almost as if Simon Sinek is there to whisper in their ears when they are asleep. An experience is wasted if it does not somehow enrich a life. Why do you do what you do? To make a profit, or to leave a legacy?

Just imagine, what if you could lead your life, your future, in a purposeful way? What if you boss, clients, family, friends, and even your social media following, would rave about you on a profound level? Beyond the good looks and sharp sense of humor obviously.

There are people who believe that purpose is something you need to ‘bump into’. But true purpose comes from inside you and lives inside everyone. To find your purpose you need to stand still, evaluate, and focus. This understanding resonates with what’s happening in the world right now. The future is being reshaped into something new, and you need to ask yourself if you want to be part of the process and build your legacy.



Personal development, and reshaping a future, should be approached from a practical point of view. Once we understand that all people want to have an impact and leave something behind, we merely need to shift our focus from personal development to personal design.

As an author on personal development for a better future, I have a unique perspective on how to reshape your own future. We will look at how we can best align your personality, attitude, and vision, after which we will look at how to actually realize your ideal future.

You will get practical tools that will help you understand how to practice life with purpose, how to get a clear picture of what desires are present in yourself, and how to implement everything towards a brighter tomorrow. At the end of the day you will be ready for the 21st century; inspiring instead of being inspired.



In a playful and accessible way I engage with the audience to help them make the change in their mind and give them the tools they need to have an impact.

More than just a lecture on personal development and future thinking: When I speak on personal development, it’s not just about the theory and the tools. It’s also about having the right atmosphere for learning. I’ll make sure there is a relaxed and fun atmosphere before we dive into the knowledge of innovation.

Opening the mind to life design: Change starts with realizing that doing trumps thinking. It starts with understanding how experiences drive our economy and purpose drives those experiences. It is seeing the bigger picture.

Inspiration and interaction: If you’re looking for a speaker that will dryly run down his slides and only communicate the science, keep looking. I like to engage with the audience and motivate them to immediately apply the knowledge they just learned so they can get ahead and be inspired to get to work (and forge a path).


I speak both incompany as well as on events. Keep in mind that I can present both as a keynote or as a workshop (both in half-day and full-day seminar versions). All talks can be done in English or Dutch.


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