Have you ever been in an audience where no one was paying attention? Cringing at how the speaker was powering through his slides without connecting with the room? It is a waste of time, money, and effort.


The core of a presentation is set. It has to, otherwise quality cannot be guaranteed. Nonetheless, I am always eager to learn who is in the audience! Through that knowledge I can adapt to best suit their needs.

To get the most out of the presentation we will discuss on forehand what the current situation is and what the desired goal is. In this talk I want to learn what the current challenges are, who is in the audience, and what their biggest desire is.


Entrepreneurship is a huge passion of mine. It enables me to stay spontaneous and gives me an opportunity for creative fulfillment. I put a lot of commitment into my work, and give myself fully to all my clients.

Ever since I was seventeen, when I started my first company, I’ve enjoyed the freedom of seeing the world as a playground. With almost 10 years of entrepreneurial experience I know the challenges of starting up, finding focus, and staying motivated.

Over time I’ve trained over 10.000 people in marketing and entrepreneurship, and worked directly with clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, the UK and Canada.



As no other I will inspire through passion, content, and enthusiasm.


Think outside the box! Different thoughts lead to different actions.


Action is the key to success. Get into action through interaction.