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Tony Coolidge

Restore indigenous cultures

What if you wanted to bring together 400 million people, spread over 40 countries, who all share cultural roots, how would you go about that? You might be overwhelmed even thinking about it. Tony Coolidge is doing it, and making it look easy! Listen to Tony tell us what it takes.

Andrew Griffiths

Become an expert

Imagine being the most highly paid and sought after person in your industry. Andrew Griffiths has the five steps you need to get there! Get started today, and who knows, maybe tomorrow your life might start changing.. Listen to Andrew tell us what is takes to become an expert.

Gilles Babinet

Reform a country

Ever thought of reforming an entire country? Gilles Babinet has! As a published author and serial entrepreneur he might just be in the right position to actually get something done. Listen to what he does to make sure France becomes more digital savvy, and learn how you can start influencing your country.

Rene Boender

Write a best-seller

Listen to one of most successful Dutch marketers (although he doesn’t like that term) talk about his life, his brain candies, and last but not least, how he has written three best selling books in two years time. Listen, read, and learn about what it takes to become a best-selling author.

Fredrik Haren

Realize all your ideas

This talk is with one of Swedish finest entrepreneurs, Fredrik Haren. For the last 15 years he has become known worldwide as an author and speaker on business creativity. He talks about his past, business creativity, and, most importantly, his project Ideas Island.


3 things I love about marketing & sales

Rephrasing sex, drugs and rock & roll to suit a markters lifestyle. Leather pants to work day, anyone?