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3 things I love about marketing & sales

Rephrasing sex, drugs and rock & roll to suit a markters lifestyle. Leather pants to work day, anyone?


Interview: Amy Schmittauer

Don’t we all want to be like Amy? Sexy and rocking a successful online business!


Immersion Without Technology

This post is part of my current research on the possibility of immersion without technology.


4 lessons who made me who I am today

There is one person who helped me learn a few valuable lessons. Uncomfortable and radical, that’s the key to success!


10 mantras to help you conquer the world

Only 3% of the world knows what their dream is and also pursues it. Are you part of that 3%?


5 Things Theatre Could’ve Taught My 16-Year-Old Self

Theatre as a tool for letting your emotion go wherever they want to go and letting our imagination create meaning.


Are theatre people naturally polygamous?

How a sanctimonious girl makes us question stereotypes.


Regret: The good and the bad

As long as there is doubt, there is regret.


How to choose the right co-pilot for your next project

Always go for the guy with the hipster beard and red bowtie! Or, maybe not…?