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Interview: Fredrik Haren

This talk is with one of Swedish finest entrepreneurs, Fredrik Haren. For the last 15 years he has become known worldwide as an author and speaker on business creativity. He talks about his past, business creativity, and, most importantly, his project called Ideas Island.


3 things I love about marketing & sales

Rephrasing sex, drugs and rock & roll to suit a markters lifestyle. Leather pants to work day, anyone?


Interview: Amy Schmittauer

Don’t we all want to be like Amy? Sexy and rocking a successful online business!


Immersion Without Technology

This post is part of my current research on the possibility of immersion without technology.


4 lessons who made me who I am today

There is one person who helped me learn a few valuable lessons. Uncomfortable and radical, that’s the key to success!


10 mantras to help you conquer the world

Only 3% of the world knows what their dream is and also pursues it. Are you part of that 3%?


5 Things Theatre Could’ve Taught My 16-Year-Old Self

Theatre as a tool for letting your emotion go wherever they want to go and letting our imagination create meaning.


Are theatre people naturally polygamous?

How a sanctimonious girl makes us question stereotypes.


Regret: The good and the bad

As long as there is doubt, there is regret.